Student Ministry (Grades 6-12)


DiscipleNow Weekend

March 15 & 16, 2019


“DNow” stands for Disciple Now. Disciple Now weekend is a retreat for students that provide a unique environment for students to grow spiritually.  It is Discipleship Oriented with Host Homes & Small Groups. DNow Weekends point students deeper into relationship with Jesus and deeper into relationship with their peers by bringing the gospel into their lives.  

2019 THEME:  “Fight”  |  We all can agree that our world is broken by sin and things are definitely not right. It seems though as if the church has settled for this just accepting that this is the way things must be. Instead, we as a church must rise up the calling God has placed on our lives. That is what this study is about. Re-awakening our hearts to FIGHT for a lost and dying world around us so that they can come to know Jesus and make Him known. 

  • Lesson 1: Fighting For Focus
  • Lesson 2: Fighting For Your Identity
  • Lesson 3: Fighting For The Gospel
  • Lesson 4: Fighting Hell
  • Lesson 5: Fighting For Truth


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