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First Students Ministry

for Students, Grades 6-12

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Sunday School

Join us for in-person Sunday School in room 304 @9:30am. This is currently modified for distancing for 6th-12th grade. Nursery is also available in suite 100.

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Sunday Nights


Whether it’s to stop yourself from saying something stupid, or see where you’ll be in 10 years, or experience your favorite moment in history firsthand, we all wish we had a time machine sometimes, right? While
time machines might not actually exist, the Bible can sometimes feel a little bit like a time machine. It’s the story of the God who exists outside of time and had a plan to save the world before time even existed.
God's plan was fulfilled through Jesus 2,000 years ago, but prophets like Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Amos left us hints about God’s plan hundreds of years before that. So what was that plan? In this 4-week series,
we'll discover that Jesus’ mission was to set people free and rebuild what has been destroyed — and we can join Him on that mission, in part, by doing justice and remembering all God has done.

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Crossings Summer Camp

June 5-9, 2021 > @Jonathan Creek. 

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DNow Weekend

DNow Weekend will be September 24-26, 2021.

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Parent Partner

This is a weekly communication to parents of First Students and First Kids. The home is the hub for work, rest, church, and play. We know you find yourself overwhelmed by responsibilities!